Web Design Mistakes That Can Tank Your Business

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The goal of creating a website is to foster relationships with current customers, gain new ones and appeal to search engines during the process. It is tough for this to occur when there are glaring errors made during the creation of your site. Here are several mistakes you should avoid if you want to keep your business afloat. Following are few points forwarded to us by a Norwich web design company – WiserWeb.

Adding background music is a HUGE mistake, especially if you do not give people the option to turn it off. Not only will this annoy people who may already have music playing, but it can be disturbing to those who have unexpected music blasting from speakers that were silent a few moments before. It is best to have no music at all but allow it to be disabled if you feel it is a necessity.

Placing far too many images on your website is never a good idea. This can result in two problems that people will not be pleased to be faced with: The site will load much slower, and the pages may look far too busy. Both of these are huge turn-offs for site visitors, so try your best to avoid them. Otherwise, there is a chance you will scare people away.

web designer at work photoIf you do not add contact information to your site, it is like telling someone who you are and not giving them a way to stay in touch. Do not rely on a generic contact form to be the only point of contact. Most people like the idea of having options. If there are none available on your site, they may look for one that gives them what they are looking for.

Using more than two or three colors during the creation of your website is not wise. This is particularly the case if the colors you select clash with one another. Many people choose the main background color, a different color for secondary elements and a third for text. Use this formula if you don’t want me to be appalled when they are hit with a rainbow of color when visiting your page.

Offering many social share buttons is useless. The reality is that most people will only recognize a handful of them. Adding those that are very popular, like Facebook and Twitter, is a far better idea than providing links to less-known ones, like StumbleUpon. This is one of those times when the adage about not pleasing everyone rings true.

Adding too many elements to a page is never a good idea. You have to learn how to make good use of white space. When people arrive at a website that is filled with so many images they feel like their brain is experiencing overload, they are not likely to stay. Be very careful about the number of elements being used at once.

Using the wrong font can mean business suicide, so be careful. If you decide to use something playful like Comic Sans, people will not take you seriously. On the other hand, using something serious, like Times New Roman would be boring on a site that is all about fun and excitement. Consider the type of message you are trying to convey when you are selecting a font for your site.

Forms that take a ridiculously long time to fill out lead to a very high abandonment rate. When people decide to sign up for something on a website, they want the entire process to be very quick and painless. The more fields they have to fill out, the less likely they will be to complete the entire form. Since your point is to have people stay in touch, this is a wrong move. Ideally, there should be no more than 5-10 fields on a form. Having any more than that is a recipe for disaster.

The Norwich firm WiserWeb further adds that; “Web design may seem like a rather simple concept, but it is far more tricky than it may initially appear. It is easy to make mistakes during the process that will not sit well with visitors. If you want to have a positive experience, it would be a good idea for you to make sure that none of these errors are made.”

The DOs And DON’Ts Of Designing A Killer Website

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Designing a website does not need to be the most complicated process in the world. With that said, it is important that you are careful during the process. Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you create a website people will adore.

DO make sure that the page background and the font are not the same color. This is a huge mistake that some people make, and it leads to a website that appears to have nothing on it. You should always select a different font color so that it can contrast with the dominant color of the page.

DON’T add so many graphics that the page load time is extremely slow. The last thing that people want is to head to your site and spend all day waiting for each page to load. If you want users to visit your site and stick around, your pages should load instantly.

DO provide a sitemap when you are in the design phase. This is an excellent way for people to navigate to the page they want without making that much effort. It is also an excellent way of appealing to search engine crawlers; they love to use this to index sites.

DON’T forget to check your spelling and grammar. You would be surprised at the number of businesses that turn potential customers off because of the number of misspellings present on their site. There is something inherently wrong when people are not able to comprehend your message well because it was poorly written.

DO create a site that is very easy to navigate. No one wants to head to a site that is so complicated that it takes them forever to find the information they are looking for. The easier it is to get around, the happier visitors will be.

Also, make sure that there is a link to the homepage provided on every page. This will help people get back to their starting point if they somehow end up on a dead page or something to that effect.

DON’T forget to update your site regularly. When people go to your site, and they are greeted with the same information each time, it gives them the idea that there is no compelling reason to come back. You should change things up periodically to keep them interested.

This is also critical when it comes to search engines. If you have information on your page that has remained unchanged the entire time, they may get the idea that your site is abandoned. As a result, they may stop including it in the results when users conduct searches.

It is not the hardest thing in the world to create a solid website, but it is something that will require you to put in some effort. If you want to have a website that people will love so much that they will feel compelled to return, make sure that you follow this advice.